Decorating Your Children’s Rooms

After shifting to a new house, one of the greatest challenges which mothers usually face is how to decorate their children’s room. Well there are certain things which need to be kept in mind while decorating the room of children. But mothers should always try to decorate the room of their children in such a way that it should appear to be different from the rest of the house and if some outsider takes a look at it without knowing that whose room this actually is, he/she should be able to guess this at the first glance that it is the child’s room.


While decorating the room of child, it is necessary that the mother should take various things from the perspective of her own child that what kind of items will appear nice to him/her when free time is being spent in the room. This article provides mothers with all the tips to successfully decorate the rooms of their child sons. And how to decorate the room, what are the necessary steps, well just proceed as follows;

(1)   Walls:

Firstly, put some beautiful pictures of your child on the wall including his picture of the day when he was born, and various other memorable occasions including his first day of school etc. And it is always better to print photos on canvas and put them on wall so that the child could cherish his memories by watching the best canvas prints in free time. Apart from photographs some posters of the child’s favourite cartoon characters should also exist on the wall and if the walls are painted with child’s favourite colour and small drawings of airplanes and cars so that would be much appreciable.

(2)   Toys:

Put some of his favourite toys in the room and if your child loves teddy bears than put them also on one side of the room. And it is always better to buy at least one teddy bear of large size and place it in the room along with the other related stuff.

(3)   Bed Sheets & Curtains:

For selecting bed sheets and curtains there are threeimportant things which should always be kept in mind. Firstly, bed sheets and curtains should be of the same colour, the colour should be the child’s favourite one as it was supposed to be in the case of wall and both the bed sheets and curtains should also consist of small beautiful pictures.

(4)   Books:

All the books of child should be placed on the room’s shelf, and all of his course books should be separated from the other books. And all the other books should be placed in accordance with their respective categories i.e. all the drawing books should be placed together, children’s magazines should exist together and all the writing material should also be placed together.

(5)   Sports items:

All the sports items like football; basketball etc. should also be placed at one corner of the room.

(6)   Decoration items:

There shouldn’t exist too many decoration items in the child’s room except for few lamps and stuff toys.

Lastly, maintaining cleanliness in your child’s room is extremely important since the children often get their rooms dirty. Decorating all the rooms with all the necessary stuff is never enough, maintain them afterwards I the main challenge.


Decorating the rooms of the children is as important as decorating the other parts of home. While decorating the room of child, it is extremely important to think about the decoration from the perspective of child. And at the same time parents, especially mothers should arrange some activity in their children’s room and spent time with them in order to create a fun loving atmosphere.

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Tom Anderson is a dedicated photographer and writes on interior designing & decoration. He took photo and print on different Canvases, which looks amazing with great quality Canvas along bright colors scheme.

Covered Swimming Pool

How to Design a Covered Swimming Pool for Your Home?

The modern world has a great importance of time saving and good time utilizing. For that purpose many people have small gyms inside their house for saving time of going and coming back from a gym. This also gives them a flexibility of choosing time of doing exercise. Though one will be very right in saying that this is money speaking, otherwise getting a treadmill and other exercising equipment for one’s personal use tends to get a bit heavy on pockets. Swimming pool is another luxury that can be very expensive to have and maintain. The idea of having your own swimming pool is no doubt very exciting and it will surely give you the edge in society, but what needs to be concentrated is to find cheaper way to construct swimming pools and maintain them so that as many people can take advantage of it. Swimming is the best form of exercise and luxury one gets.

Covered Swimming Pool

Designing a Swimming Pool


First thing to do for having a covered swimming pool is to look for an appropriate built room inside of your property. In case you do not have any room big enough for the purpose, you can concentrate on having one built for the purpose. The idea is that it should be connected to the home area and bath room so you do not have to waste money for making a separate bath room for it as well. So if your vacant land is big enough to house a covered swimming pool, first thing to do is to mark the area on the ground with intended size of swimming pool along with it walking path around the pool.


First thing to do will be to start digging rather than constructing the walls and roof. The markings will help in digging and to modify the size if needed. A swimming pool has to be of two different depths, shallow and deep. So start from shallow and dig towards deep side. Once the digging is completed and all the soil is taken out the best would be to do compaction of area by watering the ditch. Do not fill it up but keep it 2 feet so that the soil settles down. Once done with that go for more compaction with chopped stones and continuous watering and leveling. The construction company after doing all the leveling would leave it for few days and continue with the watering till the time they see fit for making floor and side walls. After done with that again one should devote at least a week for continuous watering of the concrete wall and side walls. During that one week you can ask them to start the wall of the room and get it ready for roofing. Once the roofing is done you can get on with tiling of the swimming pool.


For decorating your swimming pool area the wall needs to be painted according to the theme you are following. Once the wall color and roof is painted, you can get on with decorating wall with either wall art or putting up signs and photos printed on canvas picturefor the purpose of security and decoration as well. You can choose images of safety point or images of sceneries for making your swimming pool area look more beautiful.

Tom Anderson is professional content writer. He writes about home decoration, planning for self-grooming and necessity of innovation in every sector.

Spa water heaters

Spa water heaters with superior technology! Top 5 Haier Water Heaters

Water heaters are of times used devices in virtually every home lately. Particularly in winters, you usually require bathtub in moderately heated water so as to keep warm and save yourself from cold.. Haier, a Chinese home appliances and multi consumer electronics company is coming out with newer innovations and to keep a hold in the market. The new innovation from Haier Water Heaters is the introduction of music in the water heaters. Haier water heaters price in India: Rs. 12,239 (50L), Rs. 11,875 (25L), Rs. 6,008 (6.6L). Here’s a list of top five water heaters from Haier:

Spa water heaters

Haier ES 25V P3|25L|5 Star|Aquatunes Water Heater
It has a 2mm thick steel UMC tank with stainless steel core which protects the tank from corrosion. It has a high pressure rating of 8 bar (kg/cm2) or 116 psi which is more than double of your average water heater. The superior thermal efficient heating element made of Incoloy 800 high grade stainless steel ensures durability and better resistance to scaling. PTO10 SafeCare system ensures you a shock proof environment. The two channel stereo audio signal delivers high quality music. The huge capacity of 25 L is suitable for large families. It is ideal for high rise buildings and pressure pump installations. It is priced at Rs. 11,875.

Haier ES 25HS E1|25L|Spa Water Heater
The 2mm thick stainless steel inner tank protects the tank from corrosion. To maintain a shock- proof environment, it comes with a Safe Care system technology. To effectively heat water, it consists of a superior thermal efficient heating element made up of Incoloy 800 high grade stainless steel. It makes it highly durable. It comes with a 5- year guarantee on the product and a 7- year warranty on the heating element. Its price is approximated at Rs. 8,054.

Haier ES25V-ED(H)|25L|5 Star|Spa Water Heater
It is especially designed to fulfill spa needs. The water temperature can go up to a maximum of 75 degree Celsius. It provides you with a safe and shock- proof environment as it comes with a Safe Care system technology. The heating element is made up of Incoloy 800 high grade stainless steel and it is highly efficient and long lasting. It has a very contemporary design and looks stylishly beautiful. It comes with a 5-star rating which makes it cost- efficient and reduces your electricity bills. Its price is approximated at Rs. 8,626.

Haier ES 10V M2|10L|Spa Water Heater
It has a 2mm thick stainless steel UMC tank which protects the tank from corrosion. The superior thermal efficient heating element increases durability. The Safe Care technology ensures protection against electric shock. It reduces the 220 volts line current into 12 volts, thus making the water heater non-fatal to avoid unfortunate accidents. The RSC technology ensures the users a constant flow of hot water through an inventive rounded structure of the inlet tube. It has a high pressure rating of 8 bar (kg/cm2), that is, 116 psi, which is more than double the average water heater. It is ideal for high rise buildings and pressure pump installations. It is priced approximately at Rs. 7,200.

Haier ES 25H E1|25L|4 Star|Spa Water Heater
It comes with a heavy- duty 2mm thick stainless steel inner tank which provides a shield against corrosion. It has a PUF insulated body to make it shock- proof. The heating element is made up of Incoloy 800 high grade stainless steel which ensures long life and a better resistance to scaling. It can be installed quite easily at high- rise building and pressure pump locations. It has a 4- year guarantee on the product and a 7- year warranty on the heating element. It is priced approximately at Rs. 7,961.

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Alluring teenager bedroom themes

Alluring teenager bedroom themes

As the kids step in their teens, they want their room to be decorated in their own favorite way. It is better to let them choose their own selected theme and apply on their space to make self-expressive and personality reflective. Adolescent room settings include loads of diversions by means of colors, images, furniture, accessories and even drapes. If your kid is enjoying his/her teens and do not possess a well decorated room then the season of Christmas offers you an opportunity to surprise you young pal with well themed space of their own. It would be an astonishing contribution from your side to develop the environment for young enthusiastic kid.

Alluring teenager bedroom themes


In case, your kid is crazy about the melodies & compositions and has an ambitious mind towards music field. It would be obvious to embellish his/ her room with notes of music as wall stickers, a traditional guitar for guitar player and photos to canvas prints of music legends should be suspended around the walls at appropriate points. The furniture can also be chosen based on theme, designed perfectly for the styling of room along with other objects to harmonize the settings.


 To incorporate technology elements in the theme of a room of techno freak kid you just need to implement few patterns of straight and diverting lines. Neutral colored background will give you a clean platform to draw a design of sharp colored lines in bright green and yellow glossy hues. Conversion of lighting fixtures into techno style can be achieved by merely installing the blue and purple colored lights. Synchronize the room with other objects like electronic gadgets and 3D carpets.


Vehicles are passionate elements almost for all the growing kids, but some of the youngsters get crazy about automobiles specifically sports car. Cover up the back wall with giant poster of car images of real or characters of animated movies. Hard paper carvings of vehicles or even a small mimic model of glamorous car driving upon the wall will look amazing. Roadside black and white strip can also be used as a wall border to enhance the settings. Other than walls, furniture can also be matched with this theme, as large variety of auto designs is available in stores such as beds, sofas, study tables and cupboards.

Pets’ lover

For a pet lover kid, whether he/she is crazy about riding horses, petting fishes, dogs, or kitties then you can alsogive your kid a treat as custom photo gifts of pet themed room to increase his/her love for them. Huge silhouette images pasted on back wall of the room will intensify the whole design. Other ornaments can be metal or mud sculptures of pets, small fish aquarium and a wind chime made up of tiny starfishes for fish admirers, dogs paw printed storage boxes toting up with stuffed prop of a kitty will be marvelous addition.


An anime theme will be best to select for a fantasized youngster who love to add anime figures to every bit of his daily life. Shonen Jump anime style and Shoujo Beat anime styles are most loved by the adolescents. For a cheaper adoption of this theme go for the posters of anime characters rather than figurines which will cost you a lot. Anime bed and pillow covers will also help you to build the economical design. Anime movie DVD’s and music CD’s can be used as aiding elements on the racks or table.

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Atiq-ur-Rehman have specialized skills as web designer, development and independent information technology provider. As an ardentwriter,he gives his expert opinion on home decor, travelling and photography.

Garage at home

Best Garages Of Home For Latest Cars

You will no longer have to find a DVLA helpline as we’re going to give you all the information that you need. You see, finding a good garage for your home or auto business is no easier than ever if you know what to look for. Below you will find a few helpful tips that will help you avoid using a DVLA helpline and get straight to business. You will find tips for both home garages as well as auto garages. If you’re ready to get started then simply scroll down, take a look at the tips provided, and use them how you see fit!

Garage at home

What to Look For In a Home Garage

Here you will find a few tips that will help you decide what you need to look for when it comes to installing a new home garage. These also apply for those of you that are upgrading your current garage.

· Make sure the home garage is modern and easy to access. In other words, make sure you can get in and out in a breeze. The last thing you want is a garage that causes you any problems.

· Shop around and check out various prices. If you don’t already have a garage, you’ll more than likely have to pay an installation fee as the average person usually can’t do it on their own.

· Decide whether or not you need a two car garage or a single. Don’t buy what you don’t need.

What To Look For In An Auto Garage

Buying an auto garage is a lot like buying a home garage except for one thing. If you are in the market for buying an auto garage, you’re probably doing it for business purposes and not individual purposes. Use the tips below to make the most out of your home garage shopping experience and venture.

· Make sure you have enough room for what you need. If you need to car lifts, make sure the garage has enough room for that and then some. You can never have too much room.

· Decide what type of structure you need. Does it need to be an actual building with a garage attached or will a garage do by itself? Research your market and find out what you need.

· Give yourself enough time to get started. Installing or building an auto garage isn’t always a quick process especially when you account for the equipment you have to move into it.

If you follow these three simple tips for both types of garages, you’ll have no trouble making the most of your new home garage or auto garage. Deciding what type of garage you need isn’t hard but putting together numbers and deciding what you can afford may be. Be sure to stretch your budget as much as possible and leave room for adjustments. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of money only to find that you didn’t get the correct size or you simply don’t have enough room. If you do this, you should be safe and will find that buying a home garage or auto garage was one of your best ideas yet!


What kinds of lighting should you use in which room

There is an almost overwhelming amount of different lighting options available to homeowners nowadays. In fact almost every type of lighting you can imagine can be installed in your home. So which is best for each room in your house? This guide will show you how to choose.


If you want to create an ambience that is flattering yet functional you need to know what to look for when choosing your lamps, fixtures and fittings. Here are our top choices of lighting effects for each room in your house to help you create your ideal home.

Each room requires a different type of lighting effect however there are two basic rules you should bear in mind when you are deciding which to use. Firstly a multitude of different light sources will create a much more flattering ambience than light that comes from a single point. Secondly the tasks you are going to perform in each room will determine what kind of lighting you should opt for ? a kitchen will require a totally different lighting scheme than a more intimate room such as the bedroom.

This guide will explain the basics you need to consider for each room of the house. You can find all the different lighting options on websites such as www.visiblelighting.co.uk.

1. The living room
Living rooms should be lit in a relatively ambient manner. Lighting three out of the four corners is a great way to achieve this effect. A combination of floor lamps and table lamps is an effective way to introduce multiple light sources into your room, and this effect is heightened when some of your lamps cast their light down and some cast it up. If you have a central light make sure it is on a dimmer switch to enable you to create a warm and cosy lighting effect.

2. The dining room
The table should have the most light in the dining room. This is the most effective way to draw people into the space and to create an atmosphere that is inviting. Lights such as chandeliers and pendant lights are a great option for focusing the attention on this sociable part of the room. Lamps can then be placed around the room to create an effect that is flattering.

3. The kitchen

Lighting here needs to be functional so make sure you have plenty of under cupboard lighting to make it easier to prepare your food. A central light on a dimmer switch is also useful in this room as you can make it brighter while you are cooking before turning it down to create a relaxing and sociable space for entertaining.

4. The bedroom
You want to create an atmosphere that is both intimate and cosy in this room. Lamps that cast a soft glow will usually give the best effect. Sconces can be placed at either side of the bed in order to create a warm light that isn’t too harsh. Alternatively table lamps can be placed around the room to create a vibe that is inviting and insular.

5. The bathroom
This is another room that needs a variety of different lighting options to help it function at its best. Sconces or side lights are best to create an area for applying makeup or shaving. However if you want to chill out in the bath you’ll want lighting that is a little more atmospheric. LED strip lights are a great way of introducing an ambient vibe into this room as they create atmospheric lighting.

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James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.

Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowner

Special Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowner

A house of your own is one of the most important milestones of any family. The joy of moving to the new home is so unique that the new homeowners like to celebrate their happiness with their friends or relatives. When a friend, relative or colleague moves into a new home of their own, you should give them a valuable gift depending on your budget and your relationship. When you are invited to their new home, you should not go there without a gift, as it might be possible they may not have much new household items for the new place.

Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowner

Housewarming gifts are important for the new home owner, and also they serve as the symbols of good luck to bring joy to the new home. Here are some unique housewarming gift ideas for new homeowner.

Basket full of Goodies or Household Items

A basket full of goodies for a kitchen or bathroom, or household items that the homeowner can utilize in his/her daily routine would be a great gift. The basket of goodies for the kitchen could hold utensils like pizza cutter, set of knives, openers etc. It can also contain classy cookie jars or snack jars as well as some beautiful dish towels.

The receivers will also get happy to see items collection from body lotions, hand soap, air fresheners, and fragranced jar candles to tool kit, bathroom kit or even a small first aid kit. The receivers will really appreciate your care in giving them just what they need in their new home.

On the other hand, you can also pack a gift basket full of cookies, sweets and chocolates, snacks and chips packets, and other treats for them. The gift basket can also contain a personalized card with some sweet wishes for the homeowner.

Magnificent Imprinted Candle Stand

To give a gift that serves as practical and decorative item for the new homeowner then do not forget about giving a finely imprinted candle stand. Your gift may sound too usual but your receivers will appreciate the purpose and the beauty of the candle stand once they use it. It can be placed as a centerpiece with the flowers on the table to improve the loveliness. In dining table, candles can be flamed to add elegant atmosphere.

Photo to Customized Canvas Prints

Nowadays, canvas prints are becoming very popular that people want to decorate their homes with beautifully printed canvas. Painting is often something that is usually forgotten for the first time homeowner. Giving a gift of well-designed canvas prints will definitely add up lots of happiness to the new homeowner. Custom-made large canvas prints of images of special days hanged in a large area will definitely change the look of ordinary home to an elegant one.

Elegant Cabinet

Presenting the gift of an elegant small cabinet for the new homeowner is definitely a great gift idea. With the help of such valuable gift, they can set their collectibles and handy items. Give them durable small cabinets that can manage as many small things in a very small space as possible. Elegant cabinets may contain stylish cupboards for dresses, shoes, books, and crockery etc.

These housewarming gifts will definitely be appreciated by new homeowner. You can find such valuable gifts for your friends or relatives without worrying about your budget.

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Atiq-ur-Rehman is professional web designer, development and independent information technology provider. As a keen author and gives his skilled opinion on home decor, travelling and photography. The skill is dedicated to Just4Design.

birthday at home

How to make your loved ones feel a special birthday at home

Things become great even when ordinary efforts are done effectively. If you lack the knowledge of making the most of your extraordinary efforts, even great things decay. Let’s focus straight on our topic – Birthday, a special day for everyone. Everybody wants their birthday to be made special and memorable by their nearest and dearest beings.

Think about the situation when the person too close to your heart is expecting something very special and unique from you on her/his birthday, but you’ve completely forgotten that it’s even someone’s birthday! Utter nonsense, isn’t it? So you need to stay fully active on your loved one’s birthday to make them feel special. This doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to bring her/him the costliest-ever gift or something of that sort. If you could be able to gift something that could touch her/his heart, you’re done!

                birthday at home

Here’s something you ought to do so as to make your loved ones feel special on their birthday.

  • Be the first to wish. No arguments or reasons will be entertained. You have to be the first person to wish the birthday girl/birthday boy. The person loving you so much and expecting a lot from you feels genuinely better when s/he gets the first call from you.
  • How about coming together face to face? It’s good to meet physically in the morning and make the warm wish. And it’s probably better to bring something very special to the dearest fellow. Something very special would mean some entity bearing the fondest memory, or capable of being memorable for the entire life or able to touch the deepest part of the heart emotionally. So be your best and choose the very special entity.
  • Plan to go out. By tendency we all humans want to go out and visit some exterior places on some special days. On the birthday of your beloved one you should take her/him to some beautiful places outdoor. Movie halls, grand concerts, favorite restaurants and aesthetic sea beaches are of course some of the very good places to go out. If that’s your significant LOVE, don’t forget to go in a long drive. In the evening arrange a grand party celebrating the birthday.
  • Take care of what s/he likes the most. If the birthday person is a music lover, you can burn a CD, or load a pen-drive or an I-pod with the beautiful songs and music s/he often listens to and gift it. If s/he is a frequent shopper, take her/him to the favorite shopping mall and ask to purchase fashionable costumes, ornaments etc. Rests will depend on how intelligent you are in knowing your loved ones.
  • A truthful resolution or career-related counsel is a must. If it’s your lover’s or wife’s birthday, a resolution to remain loyal and trustworthy all through the life would work great. If the person is a junior who you love and adore so much, discuss about some new career opportunities. Make fun, give some tips and tell her/him to ask you about anything fearlessly and confidently. Offer her/him some new clothes, study materials or other useful kits. Above all make the loved one trust you.

All these points are subject to making a special and memorable birthday for your loved ones. You can always add more if you think they’re valuable.